Ute Linhart (pictured) was waiting in the 28th street R train station platform Wednesday night when a crazy man pushed her into the path of an oncoming train. She suffered serious injuries, but survived. Is this good PR, or what?

We only ask because Ute is a creative director at fashion company Bravado, which is certainly a respectable job, but perhaps does not make her a "fashion industry honcho" or "fashion big wig" or "exec-to-the-stars," as she is dubbed by the New York Post. I mean, getting shoved in front of a subway train by a crazy man is a pretty harrowing story all by itself, whether the victim is a honcho or just a mid-level executive. One might argue that the hyperbole actually cheapens what is a horrific tale that is many New Yorker's worst nightmare come to life. On the heels of yesterday's Post article about an advertising executive woman who gave her credit card to a homeless man and had that credit card returned, one might be forced to come to the accurate conclusion that the Post believes that incidents that happen to white professionals—preferably attractive white blond female professionals—are more newsworthy than similar incidents happening to the less affluent or less attractive. One can only hope that the professionals in question would accrue some professional benefit from this hyperbolic coverage as a sort of silver lining to this journalistic cloud.

In any case, the Post's message, as always: stay at least ten feet away from poor people.

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