A report by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Britain concluded that marijuana is being grown on a massive scale in the country, but that "UK-produced skunk is of a lower quality than varieties available on the continent." Ouch.

Authorities in Britain are worried about the increase in large weed farms across the country, which the report blames mostly on Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants, but adds that "the criminals involved in this activity are changing with more white British people involved than ever before." Whoa... white people are committing crimes, too! Farms have been popping up in abandoned pubs, cinemas, nightclubs and banks, and were being guarded by criminals armed with machetes and sawed-off shotguns.

The report warns that "criminals involved in cannabis cultivation" may also be part of the pirated DVD trade, as well as tobacco smuggling and counterfeiting currency. Still, none of these accusations hurt the growers more than downgrading their product to dirt weed. That's harsh.

[Guardian; Image via AP]