An Indiana police officer told 21-year-old Demetrius Russ to pull up his damn pants. "You can't ask me for shit," Russ replied, saying he was "just swagging." After a discussion about his genitals, Russ was arrested.

The police report notes "a black male with his pants pulled down to his knees sitting in his boxers on top of the electrical box" of someone's yard. Trouble ensued. From the arresting officer's police report, which The Smoking Gun provides:

Since saggy pants are not a criminal offense, the "belligerent" Russ was charged for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. And while cursing at a police officer is never the best idea, seriously, Indianapolis PD? You're going to question and arrest people for sagging their pants? At least he had pants on. What are you going to do when Lady Gaga plays Indy? [TSG, image via Malingering's Flickr]