Sometimes, movies contain no utterances of "Fuck." Other times, they contain a fuckload of them (hah). Have you ever wondered what the Top 12 movies, as measured by their "Fuck" frequency, were? The answer—via an awesome infographic—inside.

Former Gawker.TV intern Emily Miethner put the following chart,—which illustrates the 12 most "Fuck"-ridden films—together for Flavorwire, and some of the results may surprise you (click on the picture to enlarge it):

Sure, many of the usual suspects—Casino and Goodfellas, for example—are included, but there were also some films that surprisingly didn't make the cut, like Pulp Fiction or The Big Lebowski. Also, who knew that Summer of Sam would beat out both Scorsese films on the list?

Feel free to discuss your favorite films with dirty mouths in the comments. And just in case you're itching for a clip, here's the epic Robert De Niro/Joe Pesci showdown from Casino, which includes a mind-blowing 21 f-bombs in just over two minutes:

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