Incredibly popular Internet linkdump Reddit was informed by its corporate parent, Conde Nast, that it could not sell ads supporting Proposition 19, California's marijuana legalization ballot initiative. So Reddit figured out how to preserve its soul and screw Conde, too.

They've decided to simply run the ads for free. According to Reddit's official statement on its site, the company founders asked Conde about its decision and were told "As a corporation, Conde Nast does not want to benefit financially from this particular issue." Go, feisty online upstarts:

Since we're not allowed to benefit financially, reddit is now running the ads for free.

Caught in your own web of bland corporate doublespeak, Conde Nast! We've emailed Conde to see if they have anything to say about this burgeoning revolution in their own backyard. This has high potential to become a righteous cause, albeit a nerdy media one! In the meantime, departed Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian told us: "I think the best part of this entire story is what happened here (the free ads for Prop 19). We're seeing yet another example of the reddit team putting its community first — doing whatever it needs to do to make things right."

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