Washington State resident Ron Spears was really mad that he had to pay a $330 past due property tax. In protest, he decided to pay the whole thing in pennies. This did not go over well at the treasurer's office.

It's really hard to choose sides on this one! On the one hand, Ron Spears illustrates the kind of toddler-like petulance we love to see in our adult men. On the other: poor country treasurer Deanna Panattoni, you tireless government servant. When Ron Spears lugged in buckets full of 33,000 pennies as a "protest," we're lucky we didn't witness workplace violence. She kept it together remarkably well, according to the Ellensburg Daily Record:

Panattoni, who says she doesn't have the resources to have her staff count 33,000 pennies, says she offered him options, including unrolling and counting the pennies there... Panattoni, in a prepared release, says Spears "angrily refused these options creating such a disturbance that he had to be removed by a security guard."

Spears says he didn't raise his voice.

"That makes me mad," he said. "That is so inflated."

In the end, Spears gave up the civil disobedience shtick and agreed to pay his property tax the normal big-boy way: With bills. [AP]