Tennis is the most repetitive of sports. But yesterday a real live fight broke out in the stands at the U.S. Open! Most exciting moment ever, at a tennis match? It seems likely.

The New York Post narrates the exciting action at the U.S. Open last night:

The fisticuffs began just after 9 p.m., when a female fan complained to a man in his early 20s about his repeated use of the f-word during the first set, a source said.

"He said, 'You've got a problem? Go ahead and hit me,' and she slapped him across the face" the source said.

Haha, wonderful! And quite a slap it appears to be, judging by this action photo. The man reportedly struck back, then another man jumped in, and then, like a brief dream, it was over, and the people returned to their drowsy semiconscious state, watching the ball being hit back, and forth, back, and forth, over and over, seemingly without end. [Pic: AP]

Update: Here's the video, courtesy of commenter powerpuffgirl. There certainly are some jerks involved.