The Pampers™ division of the mighty Procter & Gamble corporation has spent this entire year engaged in a harsh battle with angry diaper fundamentalists over its Drymax™ diapers. Now, Pampers has been vindicated! Will the war end peacefully?

To recap: angry parents took to the internet to charge that Drymax diapers gave their babies rashes; P&G's PR experts were no match for angry poopmeisters; finally, the company tried to reach out and co-opt its angry, poopy opponents. It seems to be a moot point now, because the US government itself has declared the Pampers to be safe: the Consumer Product Safety Commission said it found no link between Drymax diapers and rashes on baby bottoms. Then, in their most polite language, they were like "try not to be so crazy, people."

"Most babies exhibit diaper rash at least once in their lifetime. If parents or caregivers believe that their child is suffering from a rash that they believe to be related to a diaper, CPSC staff suggests that they discontinue use of the diaper and contact their pediatrician."

Are you going to be dissuaded by mere scientific evidence, angry keyboard-pounding parents? It's gonna be a hot time on the Pampers message boards tonight!

[Ad Age. Pic: Shutterstock]