It's two-part finale time, and Top Chef is heading off on the road to Singapore. Join us in the comments for our live blog of the show. We'll be trading more witty quips than Bob Hope and Bing Crosby!

And frankly, I'm glad the show is finally leaving D.C. If they'd stayed there any longer, they'd probably end up preparing a banquet for Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and his staff. While I'm sure the Treasury Dept. building has a state-of-the-art kitchen, the South Pacific sounds like a much more interesting backdrop for our penultimate live-blog party of the season. So here's how to join in the festivities, in case you're new to this shindig: Just turn on the TV, watch Top Chef (which starts at 10 pm Eastern on Bravo), and post a running commentary about what you see in the comments section below this post. The rest of us will be doing the same, and having a blast—just like we did during last week's live blog! Memorable moments from that one included these:

  • The longest comment thread of the night was generated by a discussion of where to buy cheap wine glasses. The second-longest thread contained answers to the question: "What's everyone drinking tonight?" If that doesn't tell you all you need to know about this crowd, nothing will!
  • Anthony Bourdain provided us with the great nickname for Eric Ripert that has eluded us all season: "The Ripper"!
  • For the astronaut-themed challenge, commenter naugahydeinplainsight wondered why nobody came up with a dish called "The Right Stuffing." This does seem like a missed opportunity.
  • We were all pretty devastated by the elimination of Tiffany, who was both talented and likeable—that rare combination that rarely produces a winner on this show, sadly. Most of us decided that Ed will have to be our new favorite now, despite the fact that his Eeyore-like personality makes it tough to get too excited about rooting for him.

As usual, you folks were on fire with witty comments last week. As usual, I've collected a couple dozen of my favorites in a live blog highlights post, so be sure to read that when you get a chance. You should also be sure to keep an eye out for these moments as we live-blog tonight's episode:

  • The guest judge will be Food & Wine Editor-in-Chief Dana Cowin, which sounds like kind of a bummer for Gail Simmons. After all, the prospect of jetting off on a judging junket to Singapore probably seems a lot less fun when you find out your boss is coming along on the trip.
  • Kelly will say, "Kevin was on the bottom a lot...I guess because he takes risks." If you categorize "cooking mediocre food" as a risk-taking behavior, this might just be an accurate assessment.
  • The chefs will learn about "hakka" cuisine from a local expert. So just when they finally start teaching food lessons on this show, poor Amanda isn't around to benefit!
  • Don't forget, tonight's episode is supersized. That does not mean it comes with a side of fries and a fountain beverage of your choice, it just means it's 15 minutes longer. Make sure you account for that when planning your bedtime.

OK, gang, this road movie's about to get started, so let's try to come up with an hour (and 15 minutes!) full of wise-cracks that would make Hope and Crosby proud! Oh, and Dorothy Lamour. How could anyone forget Dorothy Lamour?