A Wisconsin street musician, Brandin "Bongo Jesus" Hochstrasser, flipped out Thursday after a man complained about his "questionable guitar playing." So Bongo Jesus beat him with his guitar, assaulted a college student and wrestled a cop. Then he was tasered.

A Madison police spokesman, Joel DeSpain told The Cap Times that "the dispute started over some questionable guitar playing," and after a heated exchange of words, the man who offered his critique was beaten. "When police were called, we were advised that the musician was hitting the victim over the head with the guitar." From The Cap Times:

The suspect fought with the sergeant, both ending up on the floor of a State Street business, with Bongo allegedly punching and kicking at the sergeant.

After he was Tasered and arrested, Bongo continued to yell expletives at officers and passersby.

Bongo Jesus takes shit from no one.