Today we took a look at Meghan McCain, the young Republican who's too good for reality television. This prompted one commenter to recall an evening she spent between John McCain's legs—literally (almost).

Notdoctorstreet wrote:

Thanksgiving, 2008.

I'm in Scottsdale visiting the family. We make mimosas, put 'em in SmartWater bottles and go to the
10 AM showing of "Slumdog Millionaire."

("Skinny brown kid with big ears makes the world fall in love with him" movie.)

We are the ONLY six people in the theatre when in totters John McCain with his two sons.

You know the crazy people who sit directly behind you when you are the only people there? Yeah, that's John McCain and his kids. It's a proscenium theatre so we are basically six women sitting between three guys' legs for no reason.

When the end credits begin, of course he stands to leave. And although I am just left of communist, I stand, extend my hand, and say, "Senator, my name is **** and I just want to thank you for your years of service."

He snarled at me, grunted, and poked at my hand like a burnt-up lizard. For reals. It was bizarre. Also, he is the color and texture of chalk.

I think he had a problem with the skinny kid with the big ears winning.

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