Since we always do everything they tell us to, maybe a celebrity endorsing gay marriage will finally grant gay New Yorkers the right to marry? Commercials featuring famous citizens announcing to the world that marrying gay is A-OK have debuted.

Here is Julianne Moore's spot, which was produced by the Human Rights Campaign, the country's largest gay civil rights organization.

Future ads will feature Kyra Sedgwick, Mayor Bloomberg, and Rev. Al Sharpton. The big question, though, is whether the state legislature will listen.

HRC is debuting the spots well in advance of the state legislature's next vote on gay marriage in hopes that this will amp up public support. The last time the issue came before the legislature it was voted down. The problem with this campaign is that it's geared toward voters, many of whom already support gay marriage and don't have any votes in the state legislature. Most voters don't even vote for the legislators who get to vote in the state legislature! That means this project amounts to little more than brand-building for HRC. But, hey, if it works, we'll take it all back.