Today at Gawker.TV, Victoria Beckham admits to primping her pooch's toes, Kate Walsh wears a dress full of sushi, January Jones is a Michael Kors-copycat, the return of Always Sunny, and the worst names for television series of all time.

January Jones Is Michael Kors' Newest Sycophant on Project Runway
As this week's Project Runway guest judge, January Jones contributed little and either agreed with or parroted everything Michael Kors said. Very disappointing, but maybe Betty Draper's fashion sense just doesn't carry over to Jones in real life.

Victoria Beckham Admits to Giving Her Pooch Pedicures, Being a Size Zero
It's Fashion Friday on The View and today's guest was Posh Spice. The hosts coaxed Ms. Beckham into a number of admissions, including that she wears a size zero and that she takes pampering her pet to the extreme.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Takes On Gay Marriage
Gosh it is just so nice to be back with the always-polite and politically correct gang from Paddy's Pub. In this stellar premiere episode, they experience the fun of gay marriage from all sides.

Kate Walsh Rocks a Meat Dress on the Tonight Show After Accidentally Dissing Lady Gaga Fans
When Kate Walsh tweeted that Lady Gaga's VMA dress looked like "a nice plate of prosciutto," she had no idea she was insulting obsessive fans. We can only hope this stint will gain her some forgiveness among the "little monsters."

100 TV Shows You Won't Believe Actually Aired
Quick, what's the worst name for a television show? We bet it's nothing compared to Chopped Off: The Man Who Lost His Penis or My Man Boobs and Me. A video showcasing more awful show titles from TV Scout inside!