Miami police this week arrested a woman for posing as a doctor and injecting another woman's butt cheeks to make them "look perfect." It didn't turn out so well — the victim passed out from the pain and almost died.

The "doctor" arrested last week, Ana Josefa Sevilla, had promised a 22-year-old woman, Donia Rodriguez, who she approached in a parking lot, that she would make her butt "look perfect." After a few meetings, Rodriguez gave Sevilla $1,100 and set a date for the injections. During what was supposed to be an injection of anesthesia, Rodriguez told the Miami Herald that she "felt a horrible pain and passed out." She was hospitaized for two weeks, and real doctors said she could have died or lost a leg.

And cases like Rodriguez's aren't out of the ordinary in Florida. Others posing as doctors have been known to convince women they will help tighten up their rear ends, but have used Fix-A-Flat and Super Glue instead of Botox or medical grade silicon at "pumping parties."

A quick bit of advice: Don't trust someone who creeps up on you in a parking lot offering cheap and quick medical procedures, okay?

[Top image via Shutterstock; Fake doc via Miami Herald]