Adequate rapper Jay-Z has a book coming out. By Jay-Z. It's called DECODED. This book "decodes 36 songs from JAY-Z's extensive catalog." Great, since Jay-Z's lyrics are hard to interpret. "Get that dirt off your shoulder." What dirt?

Really though, there are plenty of rappers I'd like to hear interpret their verses, but Jay-Z is not one. His lyrics have always been pretty straightforward. If you are routinely dumbfounded by Jay-Z's lyrics, perhaps the English language is not for you. Anyhow, at least we finally get a chance to hear Jay-Z talking about himself, right? Kidding. Anyhow, at least Jay-Z's finally getting some media attention.

Anyhow, here's the god damn cover.

[Also these dudes point out they've pretty much exhausted this book's concept already.]