Awesome new show on Nicktoons, kids: Zevo 3, where Kewl Breeze, Elastika and Z-Strap, battle Dr. Stankfoot! Why the shoe theme? Well, Zevo 3 started as a Skechers promotion. But uh, it's not now. Viacom swears.

The WSJ reports that the FCC has opened an investigation into the rad show after being informed of the fact that, you know, here's a kid's TV show where 100% of the content is drawn directly from a shoe company's ad campaign.

In a statement, Viacom said that "as we previously stated, we do not believe that the show is a program-length commercial, nor do we agree that its transmission would violate the Children's Television Act or any of the Commission's rules or policies."

In next week's Zevo 3 episode, Elastika and Z-Strap are visited by their angelic cousin, Viacomster. Everything is fine—until Dr. Stankfoot's diabolical sidekick EffSeeSeezer arrives. He wants to pull the plug on your show, kids! Don't let it happen! Have mom and dad contact their lobbyists! Free Skechers! No? Nobody wants Skechers? Anybody? No? Okay, free toys. Just do it.