San Francisco's Twitter just rented space for its burgeoning New York staff. But don't call it an "office:" Twitter is insistent its only real office is in California, and the thing in Gotham is, by definition, ghetto and weak.

News of the new office spread after a Twitter manager referred to "Twitter's HQ in NYC" in a tweet and ReadWriteWeb wrote up a story. But then Twitter's flacks swung into action, issuing a statement saying California rules, New York drools, at least as far as Twitter real estate is concerned:

To clarify: We just have the one office - in SF. In NY, we have a temporary area in rental space for a handful of people who are based there.

Got it? This is just the place where New York Twitter people work, and which Twitter managers call the "HQ in NYC," not an office. An office would be something a $1 billion company would rent when it's sure it wants to be taken seriously in the media and advertising business, which, honestly, might not even prove all that profitable. So don't go bringing your family pictures or toothbrushes into the office, New York Twitterers. It's a clingy and San Francisco Twitter is just not sure if it's ready to "go steady."

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