Today at Gawker.TV, Amy Poehler and Rashia Jones perform a duet, Jon Hamm talks Angry Birds, Community returns with Betty White and urine, more Sally Draper, and Wendy Williams gets choked up while talking about Kevin Federline's hoarding problem.

Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones Perform a Duet on Late Night
Make that a quartet! We know these two lovely ladies love each other, but what about Jimmy Fallon and Questlove? Plus, Amy dishes on what's going on with Parks and Recreation, which has yet to air it's second season.

Jon Hamm Explains Angry Birds on the Late Late Show
On the Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson requested advice from guest Jon Hamm on Angry Birds. Here, Hamm explains the game's logical storyline while Ferguson reenacts some of the key elements using puppets. Finally, it all makes sense!

Wendy Williams Breaks Down in Tears Over Kevin Federline's Hoarding Problem
In this clip, Wendy Williams breaks down into tears about Kevin Federline's alleged hoarding problem. She offers to pay to have his house cleaned and suggests he purchase a shredder—all as she cries. Watch the insane video inside.

Community Returns With Betty White, Urine, and Unfinished Business From Last Season
Over the course of last season, Community grew to become one of the favorites of NBC's Thursday night comedy lineup. A lot changes happened over the summer—so how did our favorite college students kick off the new school year?

Kiernan Shipka Visits Good Day, New York, Still Hasn't Seen Sally Draper on TV
This morning, the adorable Kiernan Shipka, AKA Sally Draper, talked to the hosts of Good Day, New York about her television parents, pretty dresses and how she's not allowed to watch Mad Men.