Collect all four Lindsay Lohan mugshots, and get 10 percent off your next dimebag of cocaine! At top left, Lohan's newest booking photo, taken after she was sent back to jail today for failing a drug test.

(The other three photos are from July 2010, November 2007, and July 2007.) Lindsay will be in jail until October 22, when she'll appear in court again. She won't get out early because this time, she doesn't have a jail sentence—the judge revoked her bail, so jail is just a holding tank until her next court date.

Special Bonus!

You check out other watery-eyed, neon-lit mugshots on our new #mugshots tag page. Dutiful Gawker intern Lindsay MaHarry has been uploading pictures there all day, for your rubbernecking pleasure. You're more than welcome to add your own, too, naturally.