Meet Chloe Victoria. She's a 19-year-old prostitute who has been arrested 140 times. She has a two-year-old daughter and is a star of British reality show The X Factor. Her stated goals: "Get famous" and "$$$$$$$$$."

Simon Cowell has created the ultimate reality TV monster. Thank God he unleashed it in England instead of here.

Chloe's born name is Chloe Heald. She calls herself "Chloe Mafia" and "Chloe Victoria." As "Candy" she advertises herself as "100 percent English Yorkshire dirty slut" on a British escort website. Her most recent sex ad was posted a few days before she appeared on The X Factor, and an undercover reporter for The Sun outed her.

Before going on The X Factor Chloe's asking price was $250/hour or $1600/night. Now, according to News of the World, she charges $400/hour or $2400/night. "I'm living the high life and it is an easy way of earning cash. In a good week, I clear ten grand," she told a second undercover reporter. (Chloe maintains that both stories are false: She is merely a private dancer.) Deadline reports that tabloids are negotiating five-figure interviews with Chloe, and that she has been arrested some 140 times.

The most surprising part of the story—at least, to my impossibly naive American eyes—is that The X Factor stands proudly behind Chloe's "alleged career choice." Simon Cowell says his TV show has no ban on prostitutes: "If a person applies to The X Factor it's obvious they want to do something better with their life." Like doubling the amount of money you can make in an hour! So, hooray for Chloe. She's stimulating the economy and making her dreams come true. Chloe Victoria's tarantula-lashed stardom sets an exciting new precedent: Real whoring is the new famewhoring.