How did Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino do on his first "real" performance on Dancing With the Stars? We rounded up all of the best parts for you (because nobody should have to sit through two whole hours of celebrity dancing!)

Last week, he was told that he "had the guns but not the ammunition." This week wasn't too much better. Here's why:

  • The Situation wants to "dance to something new" and luckily, was assigned the quick-step.
  • Bad news: The Situation doesn't like Brian Steltzer Orchestra.
  • The Situation "will dance to club, dance to pop, dance to hip hop" but "doesn't even know what that genre that is."
  • The Situation really messed up the timing of that inaugural dance whistle.
  • Bruno could tell that The Situation "is actually a very very nice guy" because he could tell he "wanted it so badly."
  • Carrie Ann appreciates the lack of a fist bump but feels The Situation needs to "bust out an iPod" to learn some kind of musicality."
  • We learned that The Situation wears a size 11 shoe as Carrie Ann suggests that he has pigeon toes.
  • The Situation scored an 18 (out of 30.)
  • The Situation's friends at the Jersey Shore were impressed with his dance last week.
  • In the end, The Situation "Just really wants to nail one."

[There was a video here]

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