NYC elementary school teacher Melissa Petro's been "reassigned to administrative work" after writing publicly about her past work as a prostitute. But the tabloids aren't done with her. Would you believe she got tenure? After admitting to ess-ee-exxx?

The fact that this had already been reported didn't stop the New York Post from reporting it again today:

Petro was recommended for tenure last spring, despite her numerous blogs describing herself as a former "stripper" and "sex worker." The blogs had begun three years earlier and continued throughout the tenure process.

Really drives home the point that nobody cares about your fucking blog. Plus, she taught art and writing, and everyone knows artists are bohemians, and writers have an inherent sex appeal that is undeniable, end of discussion. Still: is America ready to allow strumpets who publicly admit to having sexual intercourse to be in room full of kids, unsupervised? It boggles the tabloid mind.