The New York Times Magazine has been looking for a new editor for months now. So has Newsweek. Tina Brown's been (unsuccessfully) batting down rumors about her own career's future. An update, please!

New York Times Magazine: After Gerald Marzorati decided to leave for a vague new position amidst rumors of staff dissatisfaction and other things, the NYT's just been taking its own sweet time in its search. Today, John Koblin reports that after New Yorker features editor Daniel Zalewski turned down the job, it appears likely that the NYT will go with an internal candidate. Like Joe Nocera? Not Joe Nocera! We like his column!

Newsweek: The rumors about a Daily Beast- Newsweek combo that would have Tina Brown running the whole show grow ever more persistent. Today, Keith Kelly says that discussions are "in a serious stage," though they reportedly still need to work out funding issues, questions of where the office would go, and general power-sharing agreements. Minor matters! This deal does look like a win-win. Because even if The Daily Beast and Newsweek both end up failing together, well, they might have done so on their own, anyhow, so why not give it a shot? If it doesn't work out, there's always The Historical Jesus, waiting in the wings.