Jenny McCarthy has a new boyfriend! David Beckham gets sued. Britney Spears gets neck tattoos. Dog the Bounty hunter goes to the ER. And a mysterious woman tries to make out with Josh Duhamel. Sunday Gossip Roundup: Experience it it.

  • Jenny McCarthy has moved on from Jim Carrey, everyone! She dating some 35-year-old guy named Jason Toohey. She told Larry King that "he owns an eye-mask company called Eyedews." Wha… what? Eyedews? That sounds like a very specific type of Japanese porn. Also, this guy looks like The Situation and Vinnie combined, posts pictures of himself in a Las Vegas pirate show on Facebook and has a weird gothic "P" tattooed on his left arm. Jenny found the guy who is the exact opposite of Jim Carrey.[Daily Mail]
  • Did Britney Spears get some neck tattoos? We're hoping they are temporary. All tattoos say something powerful about their owner, and if these were real they would say: "I have completely given up." [Just Jared]
  • Tommy Hilfiger's son, Richard Hilfiger was busted for pot possession with intent to sell a couple months ago. Now we learn he won't be charged because he only had two ounces and he has a medical marijuana prescription. Also, he has many neck tattoos! Britney: This could be your future. [TMZ]
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter was rushed to the ER yesterday with a possible blood clot, which he developed after being injured during a hunt last year. [Radar]
  • Whoa, a "mysterious woman" tried to make out with Josh Duhamel, at the premier of the his movie, Life as We Know It. She walked up to him and grabbed his neck and started smooching on him. Duhamel is married to Fergie, who happened to be on tour at the time, which is good, otherwise we'd be reading about the "mysterious woman" who was stabbed in the eye by Fergie. It's like Duhamel's whole life is a romantic comedy, only in real life romantic comedy things are sometimes creepy. [P6]
  • Tiger Woods' brother, Earl Woods Jr., says their dad would have been disappointed by Tiger's behavior. No shit—there was a whole Nike commercial about that. [People]
  • R&B singer Bruno Mars was arrested last month for cocaine possession; now he's facing felony possession charges. He could face four years in prison and a fine of $5,000. [Popeater]
  • Last month, soccer star David Beckham sued Irma Nici, the prostitute who claimed to In Touch she slept with him. Now she's counter-suing, claiming that she received "emotional and physical injuries" at the hands of the person who served her the lawsuit. Now Beckham should counter-counter-sue, and then Nici should sue herself and we could have a never-ending mobius strip of lawsuits. [Radar]
  • Tony Danza: technophobe. When a fan asked him for a picture, he declined, saying "it's like everyone has a phone with a camera on it, it's just too much." [P6]