So we finally read the long New York Times Magazine profile of babbling television person Glenn Beck. At this point, it's hard to remember what crazy shit about the guy we already knew. Here's a quick look at it.

The 8,000-ish word profile, by NYT Washington reporter Mark Leibovich is good, and has some nice little nuggets about Beck that you may or may not already know. It's worth a read. For now, here are some fun facts about Beck:

  • He once had a ponytail.
  • He smoked weed every day for 15 years.
  • He has "The library of a serial killer": Hitler, Nietzsche, Billy Graham, Alan Dershowitz, etc.
  • He wanted to kill himself while listening to Nirvana.
  • He says he's "Not involved with the Tea Party."
  • He calls himself a "recovering dirtbag."
  • Before 9/11, he says, "I didn't know my butt from my elbow."
  • He's very scared of the Muslim commie takeover: "Am I actively engaged in survival training? No. Should I be? Maybe."
  • He doesn't work from a script.
  • He only sleeps three to five hours a night.
  • He's six feet, two inches tall, and wants to build a six foot tall barrier around his home.
  • He really hates Woodrow Wilson. He has an old copy of The Boston Post that says, "Woodrow Wilson Is Dead." He tells fans, "I hate him. I hate that guy." Glenn Beck really hates Woodrow Wilson.
  • He's filthy rich. Between between June 2009 and June 2010, the Glenn Beck Empire earned $35 million.
  • He hunts socialists on a Simon Wiesenthal-against-Nazis level: "To the day I die I am going to be a progressive-hunter."
  • "I'm a work in progress, man."


[Image via AP]