Residents of New Hampshire, site of the first 2012 presidential primary, have apparently been getting calls from pollsters asking about a possible Donald Trump candidacy. Yikes! Trump, however, denies any association with the poll. He's interested in the results, though.

We're sure that if you pull away two or three layers here, this is just marketing for The Apprentice. Maybe just one layer. It's definitely marketing for The Apprentice.

Business mogul Donald Trump is making clear he had nothing to do with a mysterious poll in New Hampshire that, accordant to TIME Magazine, asked Granite State voters about a potential Trump presidential bid.

"I never heard of this poll but I'm anxious to find out what it says. I do not know about a poll taken in New Hampshire," Trump said Monday on CNN's "American Morning."

Very hypothetical question for discussion: Would you rather have Donald Trump or Sarah Palin as president?

[Image via AP]