Happy birthday, The Daily Beast! By cannily reading the Zeitgeist, Tina Brown's managed to keep it running for two full years with nothing but her wits and untold millions of Barry Diller's money. She's entitled to brag, don't you think?

We're glad you think so! Today Tina interviews herself, and addresses all yalls rumor and everything people be sayin out there, she knows y'all been running your mouths haters, so here's the real deal:

On the rumors of a Daily Beast-Newsweek combination: "Yes, there have been some interesting discussions going on, as we have with potential partners large and small all the time." This sounds like it's definitely happening.

On TDB's baby steps towards 'advertising': "Thinking beyond the banner ad is paying off great, thanks...Not bad, we feel, for a two-year-old site." That means bad.

'The best partner [she's] ever had': "Barry Diller." Fuck you, Si Newhouse. And Harry Evans.

Say something a rich person would say, Tina: "I love to go to literary festivals in Jaipur and Hay and come back with a clutch of new bylines."

Gawker Media blogs Tina Brown claims to read: Jezebel.

But not: This one.

So we can say: An "interview with yourself" is perhaps the most pretentious of all story formats.

And finally: Happy birthday, Beasties. We truly and sincerely hope you make money one day.

[TDB, photo via Getty]