Today we showed you a video of a particular subway nightmare. This prompted you to share some of your own nightmares. And while they were all appropriately nightmarey, one really took the cake.

From BxgrlJeri:

True story: I was once on a subway car and about 20 clowns got on with balloons and everything. So you think, ok whatever, but then they started handing out prayer cards and lecturing people on heaven. There wasn't even enough people for each clown so we each got 3 clowns yammering at us and trying to thrust balloons and flowers and prayer cards in our hands. Then they wanted to sing Ave Maria. Can you imagine clowns singing Ave Maria on the 1 train? I couldn't either, I ran off at the next stop (not mine). For weeks I watched for clowns whenever I was getting on the subway. CREEPY.

[Image: Shutterstock]