Insane New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino broadcast a strange, live fireside chat on TV today. In it, he explained why he tangled with a New York Post reporter last week. He also talked about his opponent's "legendary prowess."

The three-minute spot looks like it was produced for a 1984 cable access local affairs program, but never mind. Carl Paladino needs to clear the air! First, he explains that he got up in New York Post reporter Fred Dicker's face because he didn't like the Post taking pictures of his daughter. To which we say: Invasive New York media? Get used to it.

Paladino then goes on to address his past sleazy intimations that his Democratic opponent, Andrew Cuomo, cheated on his wife. Paladino says what he meant is that he's sick of questions about his own love child:

For weeks, the media has badgered me about affairs, because unlike a career politician I was honest enough to acknowledge she was my daughter when I announced my candidacy. What I meant to express in my anger was simply this: Does the media ask Andrew such questions? Andrew's prowess is legendary

(Sexy emphasis ours.)

Not that we should care about Andrew's legendary prowess! "This campaign must be about bigger issues, not affairs or divorces," Paladino continues. Yeah, you know how Andrew Cuomo is a sex god who wields his dick like a steel broadsword? Do not pay attention to this fact, that Andrew Cuomo can't keep it in his pants. It's not important at all. [via Daily Intel]