Mickey Mantle has joined the Brett Favre athlete dick pic bandwagon, if a strange website called HotPrisonPals.com is believable—which, of course, it isn't. But Page Six ran an item about Mickey's "big slugger" anyway, so let's evaluate. (NSFW)

Athlete penises: Our new gossip currency, more prevalent even than starlet upskirts in recent months. (Even Joe DiMaggio has a dick pic.) Today, Page Six describes how Sam Wagner, the founder of a site called HotPrisonPals.com, "posted a black-and-white photo of a man he [Wagner] claims is Mantle—in the prime of his Hall of Fame career with the Yankees—standing in front of his locker fully, frontally naked." Since visiting HotPrisonPals.com will probably get you fired from your job, here's a screenshot of the post in question:

Not buying it. But good for Mickey, keeping up with the dubious genital rumor trend, even posthumously. With Lindsay Lohan in rehab, we were running low on celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, and this is as good a distraction as any.