New York just got hit by one hell of a storm, depositing thousands of hail pellets (some reportedly as big as quarters) all over the city, leaving an inch or so of slush on the ground. Want to see pictures?

What the "hail" is going on, am I right? ("Hail"?) The Jets/Vikings game is being delayed thanks to the storm, and a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for the area.

And, oh my, the hail. The storm started where I am in Brooklyn at around 8 p.m.—more or less out of nowhere, soaking anyone who was unlucky enough to be outside at the time—and by 9 there was layer of hail on the ground in some places.

Because it happened in Brooklyn, it got Tweeted about. Check out some of the pictures (right above by jessepace):

by kpickert

by statf via NYDN

by SocialDivulge

by Melissa Sarno

by DanReilly11

by jpotisch

by bizmonides

by emma_my

by gsb99wall

Possible New York Post headlines for tomorrow: "OH HAIL NO"; "HAIL SCARY"; "HOLY HAIL"; "WAITING TO EX-HAIL."