Marathon knees! Sports psychology! Biggest Loser workouts! Kettlebell ignorance! Football training! Booty fat! And the path to elite eliteness! It's your Wednesday Fitness Watch, where we watch your fitness—dismissively, jealously, or, both!

  • Is running marathons bad for your knees? Why don't you run a marathon and find out? That's not really "your style," is it? Instead you'd rather just sit in your easy chair and read this little newspaper item about it, eh? I know your type.
  • Are you having a hard time at work, in your boring office job? Pop psychologists suggest that you take some tips from the pros—pro athletes, that is! Performing in the office is a lot like a star pitcher performing on the mound: it's all about mental toughness and proper preparation, as well as....ah, I can't do this any more.
  • Would you believe that every last thing on the show "Biggest Loser" is not a repulsive insult to all that's holy and decent? Apparently the workouts they put people through really "help contestants lose large amounts of body fat while preserving their muscle mass," according to a new study. The secret to these workouts: start with an artificially sequestered group of people with low self-esteem.
  • Celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michaels doesn't know proper kettlebell training technique. I do, though: Swing that motherfucker.
  • You football coaches are doing it all wrong.
  • Turns out there's a real difference between belly fat and booty fat, but we're much to embarrassed to discuss it here.
  • If you want to be an elite sprinter, which is more important, skill or strength? The answer is, you don't want to be an elite sprinter.

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