Don't you think the way to fight rising Islamophobia in America is to single out the most ridiculous ones and give them the America's Funniest Home Video treatment with slapstick sound effects and Bob Saget? Here's today's weirdest Islamophobic act:

A South Carolina Islamic center was defaced Tuesday when someone spelled out "PIG CHUMP" with bacon slices on a tiled walkway at the center.

Florence Police Major Carlos Raines said Tuesday that someone placed the bacon in foot-high letters on the tiled walkway at the Florence Islamic Center between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Sunday.

Of course, Muslims can't eat pork, which makes this act a hate-spelling-out-letters-with-bacon-on-the-sidewalk. But "Pig Chump?" Maybe someone was just trying to advertise their High School hardcore band.

Or as Bob Saget might say on America's Weirdest Acts of Islamophobia: "BLT? More like BLH—Bacon, lettuce and HATE. [Add slide-whistle sound effect here.]"

[CBS News, photo via Shutterstock]