This morning at 4:50, some unknown idiot(s) decided to shoot their guns at the United States Department of Defense headquarters. Pentagon police heard at least five shots, and two definitely hit the building. Somehow, the building didn't completely collapse.

The good news (aside from no one getting shot): The bullet-proof windows in the newly renovated wing work, and even catch souvenirs.

According to another Pentagon Force Protection Agency spokesman, Terry Sutherland, two bullets hit the Pentagon on the south side of the building — one striking a window and the other hitting the building itself. This is an unoccupied part of the building that is being renovated.

Sutherland said a fragment of one of the bullets is lodged in the window. The windows, which are bullet-proof, did not shatter.

This follows a similar incident on Sunday, in which "an unknown shooter or shooters fired shots at the National Museum of the Marine Corps, causing minor damage to the building's windowed roof and a steel wall at the base of the structure."

[Photo via US Department of Defense]