MTV announced a new slate of scripted movies, several of which are based on the network's reality franchises. With movies based on My Super Sweet 16 and Made in the works, can Jersey Shore be far behind?

Chris Linn, executive vice president of MTV Production, says that we shouldn't expect Snooki and crew (or their fictional counterparts) to have their own movie anytime soon. Still they're ramping up production on original movies like My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Part 2, which debuts this Friday. Also on deck is the self-explanatory Worst Prom Ever and The Truth Below, a thriller about spring break wherein we sit on the edge of our seats wondering just how many busty teens will get alcohol poisoning and crabs. Linn also says that MTV, a channel that once had something to do with music, plans on adding more scripted series as well.

It's an important shift in our direction. With the success of The Hard Times of RJ Berger, we've been trying to add more balance to our air between reality and scripted.

Didn't they already have something that balanced the fictional with something pretending to be reality? Wasn't it called The Hills? Anyway, they're working on a series based on the movie Teen Wolf and an American adaptation of British comedy Skins.

So, if video killed the radio star, and reality killed the TV star, we guess actors we won't ever remember have killed the reality stars. In the future no one will be famous, not even for 15 minutes.

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