A slick new ad from Citizens Against Government Waste points out where America's big spending ways are leading us: a dystopian near-future where evil Chinese professors gloat about China's domination over America.

In the director's cut, Gerard Butler bursts into the hall and machine guns the place to smithereens.

This is an extreme example of the well-documented trend on both the Left and the Right of using China as a bogeyman in the current election cycle. And as a Chinese American, I'm pretty pissed that CAGW revealed my secret plan to support the health care bill in order to hasten America's inevitable decline. Too late, though. It passed! HA HA HA HA. GET TO WORK, AMERICA, OR FACE MY LASER WHIP. [Business Insider]

Update: And it looks like Downfall-type parodies of the spot are already surfacing. Here's a pretty good one from Campus Progress Action: