Certified nutcase Carl Paladino, who is running for governor of New York as a Tea Party Patriot, has been battered by the many ridiculous things he's said and done. Now his hometown newspaper, the Buffalo News, is endorsing Andrew Cuomo.

From Buffalo News' 'Cuomo for Governor' endorsement:

Two big problems: He doesn't have the temperamental balance to actually serve as governor. Anger, alone, won't cut it. Loose cannons — which is basically what 69 percent of voters in a new poll believe Paladino to be — don't succeed in leadership positions.

What is more, even if he could succeed, he has ruled himself out as a fit candidate as governor. His despicable comments on gays and lesbians, alone, demonstrated that he cannot be entrusted with representing New Yorkers equitably. The racist and pornographic e-mails he sent suggest the same about minorities and women. Those are not trifles; they are threshold tests. Paladino flunked.

Ouch! After giving Cuomo the nod, the paper goes on to list Paladino's paltry contributions to the state of New York just to be nice and everything — like getting rid of toll booths on the Niagara Thruway and "restoring old buildings." And by "restoring," do they mean making millions of dollars by selling property in the Buffalo area? Wow, what a great service!

Anyway, getting snubbed by his hometown paper (and the Post) in favor of Cuomo has got to sting just a little. And, thankfully, pretty soon we'll all forget who this buffoon is/was.

(via Politico)

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