According to prosecutors, 16-year-old Rufus Bowman "picked the wrong prostitute to rob." Because the prostitute he picked was the six-foot, 280-pound Joshua Bumpus (pictured), who "beat the [daylights] out of" Bowman—even though he'd been shot.

Bumpus, who plies his trade dressed as a woman, and has one of those perfect names, doesn't he?, was picked up by Bowman in Cincinnati in July, and attempted to rob him at gunpoint after going to an alley "to transact business." [Ed. note: Sex business.] Bumpus fought back, and Bowman shot Bumpus through the arm, with the bullet ending up lodged in the ribs. And that's when it got wild:

"He got the gun away from (Bowman), he grabbed (Bowman) by the hair and beat him down. He beat the (daylights) out of him," [Assistant Hamilton County Prosecutor Ryan] Nelson said.

That's about when several of Bumpus' friends, also dressed as women, flagged down Cincinnati Police Officer Dave Kennedy. Other Bumpus friends helped Bumpus beat Bowman.

"The cops showed up during the beat down," Nelson said. "The cops said it was one of their more memorable arrests of their lives."

Bowman—who's five-foot-seven and 230 pounds—pleaded guilty to felonious assault, and is headed to prison for three years. Bumpus' fate is unknown.

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