Dallas NBC sports reporter Newy Scruggs is in San Francisco to cover the World Series. Beyond the excitement of the event, he comes to a conclusion about the Bay Area: Everyone there is a pothead. Watch the video below.

The exchange between Scruggs and the newsroom is hilarious. He's fired up for Game 1 of the Series, but he's quickly gotten acquainted to life in the Bay Area: "This is San Francisco, and I can tell you right over there, there's some people smoking weed." Scruggs goes on about fans having a hard time getting tickets, but "I guess they'll just sit out here and smoke weed." An anchor in the newsroom chimes in: "Well, it's a beautiful place to do that." Indeed!

And, being a Texas Rangers fan, Scruggs takes a nice little dig at San Francisco Giants fans: "They want to see their team win, but they're all buzzed out." Watch the news segment below — it's great:

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[via BuzzFeed]