The iPhone's alarm failed to handle the switch from Daylight Saving Time in Europe, causing a wave of workplace tardiness this morning. This is the second continent to curse Apple's phone after Australia experienced the same bug last month.

Although Europe switched off of Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, iPhone owners may not have noticed the glitch because their clocks switched over fine. The problem was with certain alarms, including those set to repeat every weekday, that failed to adjust to the change. The result of the glitch has been a wave of tardiness. One Gawker reader in the UK reports "my accountants office this morning has three people who have phoned in late because they were late getting up due to the iphone alarm not following DST." Apple knew about this issue at least three weeks ago when the same thing happened in Australia, so the glitch may still be unresolved next week when the U.S. switches over to DST, giving scores of iPhone users an extra hour of sleep. Outrageous.

(Correction: We originally wrote the swtich was to Daylight Saving Time, when in fact the switch is from Daylight Saving Time.)

[Screenshot of an affected iPhone via verflucht on Twitpic]