Saturday morning, young Moscow journalist Oleg Kashin was attacked and savagely beaten by two men. Everyone believes it was retaliation for his work—which, distressingly, wasn't even all that radical. Today, video of the beating emerged.

The beating left Kashin in a coma and severed one of his fingers. It seems (from here, at least) to mark a disturbing step towards menacing of thoroughly mainstream reporters in Russia. A report this morning says that "Over the weekend, Kashin underwent a second round of surgery. Doctors say it was successful and, after removing the bone fragments in his cranial cavity, that they've ruled out brain damage. His broken leg has been set, as has his jaw, which was fixed in the first operation so he could breathe."

Any goons out there looking for something to do: go protect some Russian journalists.

[There was a video here]

[Video: Life News. Photo: AP]