Yesterday I saw 127 Hours, a movie supposedly about James Franco cutting off his arm. I wouldn't know, though, since I couldn't watch a second of the amputation action. What things are too nasty for you to see on screen?

I wouldn't consider myself a squeamish viewer. Just a week before suffering the visual torture of the arm slicing scene in 127 Hours, I was giggling away at Jackass 3D when Steve-O was trapped in a flying Port-a-Potty full of piss and crap. The obviously disgusting scenario—compounded by the fact it made Steve-O and the rest of the crew vomit everywhere—wasn't at all unpleasant to watch. It was pretty awesome, in fact.

But there is something about blood and gore in movies that I just can't stand to watch. If there's a character that has suffered some sort of injury, is undergoing surgery, or has had his/her skin pierced in any way, I hide my eyes like a scared tween trying to get her boyfriend to hold her tighter. Stupid horror movie gore, like the scenes in Saw, don't do it though. It has to be an incident that could conceivably happen in real life to really set me on edge.

Because of that, 127 Hours was a bit of sweet torture for me. Franco plays reckless hiker Aron Ralston, who gets his arm crushed between a falling boulder and the side of a canyon. Director Danny Boyle's latest is an excellent film (and I hate to admit that Franco is great in it), but when the inevitable scene comes when Ralston slices off his arm in order to free himself, I looked away and started checking out the faces of the other viewers in the rather crowded theater. Many others, like myself, were turning away, too. But most of them watched, their faces reflecting the bloody glow of the screen. It wasn't too much for them to watch, apparently. But I suppose everyone has their weak spot.

In their quest to bring us the terror and sadness of the human condition, filmmakers (and to a lesser extent, television producers) barrage us with images that are too painful for people to bear. The funny thing is, they all hit people in different ways. So what's your weak spot? Is it bugs? Aliens? Rape? Dead children? Drug overdoses? Car crashes? Clowns? What's the grossest thing you've ever sat through? Has there ever been a movie so disgusting that you left the theater (like four people did during 127 Hours last night)? Let's have some group therapy in the comments.