Free market hero (and Senator-elect!) Rand Paul was on CBS's Face the Nation today to talk about things. He said he didn't like "the language" Obama used during the BP oil spill, and he's still waiting for a congratulatory phonecall.

Rand again takes issue with Obama's statement about putting the "boot heel" on BP's throat during the oil spill because it sends the wrong message to gigantic corporations that violate laws for profit. He uses the figure that one in ten businesses fail, and that we Americans need to encourage entrepreneurs, not threaten them with nasty anti-business speak. Inside every home in America there's a little billionaire oil company CEO just waiting to get out, and threatening BP on national TV might push them to become teachers or venture into some other socialist vocation, right?

In the interview, Rand does say his kids want to play with the Obama girls, so that's kinda cute and everything. Watch Rand get burned when host Bob Schieffer says David Axelrod told him that Obama had called every newly-elected senator. Everyone except for Rand Paul, that is.