Here's a trailer for Catherine Hardwicke's period horror movie Red Riding Hood, starring Amanda Seyfried as a young lady in love with a dangerous, potentially supernatural young man. Sound familiar? If not, what is rent like under that rock?

Well, OK, it's not immediately clear that Seyfried's love interest, played by the somewhat lupine Shiloh Fernandez, is actually the dangerous werewolf stalking the tiny Europeanish hamlet. But he is dangerous looking and their love seems a bit forbidden, so there's that. Maybe the real wolf, like in Twilight, is the sweeter looking boy (Max Irons, son of Jeremy) who also has a crush on Bella, I mean Valerie. Who's to say. One thing is for sure, though. This one looks a lot heavier on the heavy petting than the frustratingly chaste Twilight series.

I don't begrudge Ms. Hardwicke finding something she likes and sticking to it, but this really does, with all the fast-sweeping mountain landscapes and dark emo rock, seem basically like period Twilight in a way that's either sad or laughable. Though it's of course possible, highly likely even, that some savvy trailer editor did this on purpose and that the actual film is quite different. Quite different except that it's about a young girl in dangerous love, torn between two boys, while a supernatural menace prowls the hilly, forested nearby countryside. And Billy Burke's in it. Other than that, it's probably a totally different movie.