Someone in Sen. Chris Dodd's office must have been participating in a rich IM or Gchat conversation when the words "U love torturing me w this shit" got posted to the senator's Twitter. Retiring senators, sheesh! Where's the staff discipline?

Here's the tweet as it appeared ever so briefly, but just long enough for conservative bloggers to get their screen shots:

In its place, the usual twitpology:

The American people demand that Chris Dodd's naughty Twitter talk be restored immediately. The blue idiot-typing website just isn't the same without it.

Update: Dodd's staff sends this statement:

"Due to a technical mistake, a message was inadvertently sent from Senator Dodd's twitter account. Senator Dodd did not send the message. We have corrected the situation and apologize to his followers for the mistake and inappropriate language used in the message."

Ahh, a "technical mistake." In Senate-ese, that means either (a) squirrels or (b) Voldemort did it.