Real Housewife of New York Sonja Morgan filed for bankruptcy in New York yesterday. She listed about $13 million in assets and $19 million in debt. Being secretly poor is an epidemic with these ladies!

Morgan, who is divorced from banking scion John Morgan of the J.P Morgan Morgans, is so heavily leveraged because of a film deal gone bad, apparently. She was supposed to make a film starring John Travolta, but when she couldn't meet his demands, he pulled out and the whole thing fell to shit and she ended up losing a $7 million lawsuit. She's since appealed the decision, but even that doesn't explain where the other $12 million in debt came from.

This isn't the first time we got the bait-and-switch from one of these supposedly wealthy women. Practically the entire cast of the Real Housewives of Orange County is in arrears and New Jersey's table-flipper Teresa Giudice famously found herself $11 million in debt and was later forced to auction off her belongings.

Things don't look that bad for Morgan right now. She was a favorite of ours, so we're a little sad about the news. Maybe a charity bake sale is in order?

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