This week, the Mexican government auctioned off a cache of narco-bling seized from drug lords in Mexico City. If you were in the market for a $25,000 rosary, this was the place to be! Here are the craziest pieces:

This $1.4 million ring features a 1/2-inch,12.25 carat center diamond surrounded by 32 smaller diamonds. It didn't sell. One man told the Guardian "Buying that would be too risky. You might find an armed convoy at your door sent to get it back."

Maybe you like your bling with a religious flavor? Try this $25,000 rosary, studded with over 770 tiny diamonds. (Warning: It didn't protect its previous user being busted.)

Here's a $240,000 Audemars Piguet watch: 18 carat gold with a diamond trim. You can use it to reflect sunlight and blind your enemies. Plus, all proceeds are used to fund Mexico's drug war, so it's almost like donating to charity!

This 14 carat gold choker has a pendant made of 42 diamonds. Price: $15,000

Nothing says piety like a jewel-studded Virgin of Guadalupe medallion featuring 64 diamonds, 10 rubies and 10 emeralds. Price: $10,000. Mexican authorities won't reveal where any of these pieces came from, but you can be sure that whoever commissioned this would really like to have it back.

This $25,000 diamond ring is inexplicably described as "conservative style."