Today we looked at how the tuition is too damn high! Some girl spent $200k on Northeastern (oooops) and now wants help paying her loans. This made everyone angry, saying she was dumb. But one commenter came to her defense.

From nycbl1y:

It's amazing how many people are in the "I have no sympathy" crowd.

Generally when someone makes a mistake that screws up their life, or even a series of mistakes, there's some sympathy for them (so long as the mistake mostly just hurts them, and not other people). There's sympathy for people who get pregnant as teenagers, or who have drug addictions, or cripple themselves in a car wreck, or are gambling addicts, any number of things really.

But, for some strange reason the sympathy stops if the mistake you made was spending too much on education. Because, you know, here in America no one has ever told you that the most important thing to having a good future is getting the best education possible.

Aw, come on guys, have a heart.

Or not: