The Israeli Army has a new plan for catching draft dodgers who claim to be Orthodox Jews to get out of compulsory military service: Check Facebook and see if they're going out on Friday nights.

According to the BBC, which cites an anonymous "senior officer," the Israeli Army has resorted to Facebook stalking to make sure that women who claim to be Orthodox Jews—and therefore are exempt from the country's mandatory military service—actually are Orthodox Jews.

Basically, it's the Israeli Army version of that guy who got fired for claiming to be at a funeral but later posted pictures of himself partying. See, if you claim that you're Orthodox, and then post pictures of yourself in immodest clothing on Facebook—or respond to Friday-night party invitations (Friday night is the Sabbath, goys)—or check in at a non-Kosher restaurant—well, you're probably not Orthodox*.

The BBC writes that "more than 1,000 women have been tracked down," but doesn't make it clear if that's all Facebook delinquents. None have been charged with a crime.

[BBC; image of Israeli soldiers via AP]

*Or are you?! This raises important questions about the divide between belief and practice: If I call myself a Christian, but never attend church, am I a Christian? If I claim to be an atheist, but show up in the pews every Sunday, am I an atheist? You should have paid more attention when you read Pascal in college!