Reason you should delete your Facebook account, #4,679: It can get you hit in the head with a frying pan, and then stabbed. Just ask Aaron Calhoun of Toldeo, Ohio!

Calhoun, who is 25, apparently read something written about his sister on Facebook that he did not "like" so much. Unfortunately, instead of following the time-honored internet tradition of posting passive-aggressive Facebook statuses, he decided to confront the woman who'd posted the thing about his sister—Taresa O'Neal, a 20-year-old Toledo woman (pictured).

It didn't go so well. He was apparently hit with a frying pan (is he a cartoon character?), and then stabbed. (He was treated by Toledo hospital for non-lifethreatening injuries.) O'Neal and "another man" were arrested.

So, just remember: Facebook can get you drafted, force you to pay your debts, give you an asthma attack, get you jailed, out you to advertisers, get you fired and get you robbed. Then again, it can save your life.

[Toledo on the Move]